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A field that spans many industries, green jobs focus on protecting and sustaining our environment. These diverse careers span water, construction, manufacturing, and many more industries.

  1. HS/OJT/AA – Water & Liquid Waste Treatment Plant and Systems Operator     Job Report  |  Career Guide
  2. HS/OJT – Operating Engineers and other Construction Equipment Operators     Job Report  |  Career Guide
  3. VO/OJT – Heating/Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics & Installers     Job Report  |  Career Guide
  4. AA – Environmental Engineering Technicians     Job Report  |  Career Guide
  5. BS – Environmental Engineer     Job Report  |  Career Guide
  6. BS – Water Resource Specialist     Job Report  |  Career Guide
  7. GRAD – Urban & Regional Planners     Job Report  |  Career Guide

Research other jobs in Manufacturing and more at the California EDD, CareerInfoNet or O*Net.

HS – High School Diploma
OJT – On-the-Job Training
AA – Associate’s Degree
VO – Vocational Training
BS – Bachelor’s Degree
MA – Master’s Degree
GRAD – Doctoral or Professional


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