When considering options for a college education, click on the links below to explore how levels of education match career opportunities.
Associate Degree: Community College associates-degree-180x120
Undergraduate Degree: College bachelors-180x120
Graduate Degrees: Masters, Doctorate maastersdoctorate-180x120
Search For & Find the Best School For You college-bound-300x300

Associate Degree: Community College: 2 years

While an education at a community college is often seen as the first two years of a four-year college degree, community colleges also offer courses that lead directly to good-paying jobs.

Ventura College venturacollege-180x120
Oxnard College oxnardcollege-180x120
Moorpark College moorparkcollege-180x120
Click here for a complete list of available curriculum, degrees, certificates and awards available at the three Ventura County Community Colleges.white-circle-arrow vcccd-logo

Undergraduate Degree: College: 4 years

University of California (UC) uc-180x120
California State University (CSU) csu-180x120

Graduate Degrees: Masters and Doctorates: 2-4 years (in addition to Undergraduate Degree)

Grad school—where to start? Try Grad Schools for s quick connection between your field of study, the type of education you want, and the graduate schools that match. gradschoolsdotcom-180x120
An Online Guide to Graduate Schools—How to Choose a Program, Get in and Graduate. aso-grad-schools

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