Learning On The Road


CA Conservation Corps: Are you a California resident, 18-25 years old, who is willing to work in the outdoors to protect the environment and respond to disasters? Then apply to participate in the California Conservation Corps. Once in the program, you can live in one of the centers or commute to work. Also, hourly pay begins after one week of orientation. calif-conserv-corps-180x120
Road Trip Nation: Check out this opportunity to participate in one of this organization’s amazing road trips (in a big green RV, travelling around the country). If you are selected, some trips come with a grant so that you won’t have to pay for all of the gas! road-trip-nation-180x120
Idealist.org: Want to make a difference by volunteering or doing an unpaid internship after high school or during college? Search here for non-profit organizations that are hiring interns or need volunteers. idealist-dot-com-180x120
Intrax Inc.: Here are opportunities to volunteer, study abroad and internship options. From high school global exchange programs to pro-world volunteer programs, making a difference takes on many forms. Click to see what interests you! intrax-dot-com-180x120

Online Learning


Coursera.org: Interested in free online courses from top university professors? Some of these programs even offer certificates that can be used for credit at other credited universities! coursera-dot-org-180x120
Khan Academy: From the comfort of your own laptop, access more than 3,400 online videos to help you learn just about anything. From math to physics to history, modern art, computer science and more—it’s all free! khan-academy-180x120
TED: Want to take your career planning (and social media chats) to a new dimension? Check out what some of the world’s top innovators and professors are thinking and doing. Cool stuff—and it’s free! ted-180x120
Google CS Education: Solving tomorrow’s challenges requires a technically skilled, innovative and diverse workforce. Computer science (CS) education is a pathway to innovation, to creativity and to exciting career opportunities. google-cs-education-300x300

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